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Comments from brides
Hi Melody
My veil arrived today and it is amazing and exactly what I wanted!!!  You do an excellent job and high quality work.  I couldn't have found anything better.  Any bride that is looking for a veil should purchase it from you.  This is the third veil that I bought, I wish I would have came across your website before I wasted my money on a veil from a not so quality website and a bridal shop.  I did not know that it made such a difference to have the veil hand made.  The length, color, and feel of fabric are perfect.  The veil also beautifully frames my face,  just like I had hoped for.  I am finally satisfied and feel that my wedding day look is complete....thanks to you.   I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is getting married.

Thank you again!!!  I will send some pictures after we get back.
Lori A.

PS - Did I also mention that your customer service is outstanding and that you actually take the time to answer and explain whatever you customer needs - you are the best!!!!

  Melody...How I wish ALL of the wedding experts I have dealt with would all have been so accommodating! I can't wait to see the veil and try it with the dress. We leave on our cruise from the 24th of Nov. to the 3rd of Dec. I am having formal pictures following... will surely send you pictures!
Thank you again so very much!

I got your website from Tie the Knot Magazine. It's a great site - very easy to navigate and understand. Thank you for that. The world of wedding websites is very commercial and it's nice to find one so elegant.
Denise (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008
Hi Renee,
Just to let you know I am praying for you this day. I hope you have a special time with your family. They must feel very honored to have you and your fiancé be sensitive and caring and obviously selfless to your family. I pray blessings upon your marriage and your lives as one.
Have a ton of fun on your honeymoon,

Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2008
  I want to thank you so very much!!! I meant to write and let you know that I received the veil, but things were kind of hectic. It was absolutely perfect! It made my outfit, and it brought my husband to tears. We had agreed to be somewhat casual, so I think the veil made it register in his brain that we were getting married! I am so grateful to you and your urgency in getting it to me. I can't imagine not having that on our special day. You truly have no idea how much it meant. And thank you for remembering me and for your prayers. I will be sending you a picture soon. Not to brag, but it did look gorgeous!!!!
Thanks again Melody, you were an angel to pull through for me on my wedding day!!! BLESS YOU!!!!!!



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