Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the French net and the Russian net?

The French net is the highest quality of the nettings. The French net has a soft, elegant, lacey look. It lays to the hair very easy and doesn't have as much pop to the texture of the veil. It is consistent from top to bottom in the thickness of the netting and has a pointed edge.

The Russian net has more pop to it because of the character of the netting. It has a little more boldness to it with its bolder scalloped edge.

The Bold French Net is a sassy dramatic look. The netting is consistent all the way through and is very fun.

What is the difference in the Emma veil and the Michele veil?

The Emma veil is made from one piece of the netting while the Michele veil is two pieces of the soft French net or bold French net woven together for a longer length.

How do I know what length to choose?

You will decide where you want the back of the veil to sit on the head. Do you want it in the back or on the side? Do you want it down low or more on towards the front of the head? Then you will decide on where you want the veil to fall on the face. Do you want it to come to the chin or the lips or the nose or just under the eyes? You may also want it to just cover the forehead. From here we determine the best length for you. You may also measure your head length if you want. You will measure from the comb to the fall on the face and then we cut it custom to your measurement.

Can you wear the birdcage with short hair and no updo?

Yes absolutely. It is very cute. There are girls on my photo gallery with short hair and they look great. You can use two bobby pins to build an anchor. Just take two bobby pins and make an X where you want the comb of the veil to sit. Slide the comb into the bobby pins and the pins keep it from sliding through the hair.







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