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Ohio bride wearing High Fashion Karen birdcage veil / white / cut to 12",
designed by Melody Ginn

June 6, 2009 Wedding Date

Just following up w/ you after the wedding. Brad and I got married June 6, 2009. We had beautiful outdoor wedding at my mother's house and my veil topped it all off! I'm an accessories girl, so I had a very simple, fitted dress that I made my own w/ my jewelry, veil, and feathers. The veil you created for me really gave me the look I was going for... Thank you again! I have alread recommended you to all my engaged friends!!

Common names:
Birdcage Veil / French Netting Veil / Madonna Veil / French Net Cage Blusher, Birdcage Pouf, Visor Veil


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