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Melody, Hello!
I just wanted to say thanks so much for making my day so special. 
The veil was more stunning than I could have imagined. I was terrified of ordering it from the internet simply because I ordered my dress from the internet. It was made in a factory in China and shipped to me. When I received it there was a slight variation in the dress from picture and the dress I received. Therefore I was so upset, although everyone assured me it was a beautiful dress. So you can see why I was nervous.
When I received my veil, my spirits were lifted and I became excited about wearing it.

The day of the wedding I had my hair done a little differently than I had planned. When I finally got to put on the most exciting piece of my wedding day, the veil, I was already thirty minutes late for my own wedding! Much to my surprise, it would not fit the way I had envisioned because My hair was too "big"! So here we were trying to figure out how to make it work, meanwhile everyone is waiting on me to come down the isle. Finally after making it work, I got to take a look at myself in the mirror! I was shocked at how gorgeous I was. I was amazed at how much I loved the dress. But I was not surprised at how elegant and wonderful the veil was.
So thank you, for adding the piece that tied it all together and made my day one I will cherish for now until forever.

Common names:
Birdcage Veil / French Netting Veil / Madonna Veil / French Net Cage Blusher, Birdcage Pouf, Visor Veil



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