Photo Gallery - Birdcage Veils Back

Here are pictures of my veil from my august 23rd 2009 wedding at the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, California......yours to use for any marketing/display purposes...or however if they might be helpful to you!

My veil was the centerpiece of my entire wedding...I had an enormous amount of compliments, and people wondering where I got such an amazing veil.  I had originally planned to only wear it for my ceremony, but after everyones compliments and my husbands pleading (which didn't take much) to keep the veil on, I wore it through out the entire wedding.  Flipped it back right before our first dance and it still looked amazing.  I have friends getting married in the next year and they will all be shopping for veils through you.  A best friend getting married this June will be wearing mine as her "something barrowed".  The online process was extremely easy to order my veil, and I had a fallow up call to confirm everything within a day... I can not tell you enough how pleased I was with the service, the price was reasonable and worth every cent.... I absolutely loved it! I just wanted to say thank you!


Common names:
Birdcage Veil / French Netting Veil / Madonna Veil / French Net Cage Blusher, Birdcage Pouf, Visor Veil


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