Photo Gallery - Birdcage Veils Back

Hi Melody!
I promised you some photos of my veil for your website! Like I said, the champagne veil was the exact colour of the bottom of my dress, perfect match! We decided to use fresh flowers instead of a fascinator to hide the comb, my top had a big flower so that would have been a bit much, and the flowers worked pretty well too. I got lots of comments on the veil, people were comparing me to a twenties filmstar or something, you can imagine my head was getting a little too big that day ;-)
The day was beautiful, very very hot: in the 100s! That's unheard of in chilly Holland, we were all toughing it out without airconditioning... For our honeymoon, my husband surprised me with a cruise to Iceland, perfect way to cool down! Good to know I married a smart man :)
Anyway, attached are some photos!
Many thanks again

Common names:
Birdcage Veil / French Netting Veil / Madonna Veil / French Net Cage Blusher, Birdcage Pouf, Visor Veil



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