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Texas bride wearing High Fashion Faith veil with fascinator #105
designed by Melody Ginn

September 6, 2008 Wedding Date

I have not gotten a chance to let you know how much I LOVED my veil. It was seriously one of the best things about that day. Obviously, it was awesome getting married and being around family and friends but my veil was just incredible. I think I planned the wedding around it..haha! Thank you so much for creating such a beautfiul addition to my wedding. Everyone loved the veil and was complementing me on it all day. You were so wonderful to work with and my mom and I just loved meeting you. I have a friend that got engaged and she already asked me where I got my veil because she is looking for one like it. I sent her all the links to your websites.

My photographer sent me this little slideshow over the wedding before my wedding pictures were posted and I thought you might like seeing how your veil was incorporated into the wedding!

Thank you so much,


Photography by Simple Moments Photography
Common names:
Birdcage Veil / French Netting Veil / Madonna Veil / French Net Cage Blusher, Birdcage Pouf, Visor Veil


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